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Head of department: Prof. Yair Furstenberg

B.A advisor: Dr. Yakir Paz

M.A advisor: Dr. Yoav Rosental

Department Secretary: Ms. Anat Haim Jani
Phone: +972-2-5883605
Humanities Building, Room 4603

Information for Applicants


For whom are the studies at the Department of Talmud intended?

The studies at the department are intended for all those interested in acquiring an in-depth knowledge of the Talmudic literature, as well as academic research skills, and to face the challenge of high-level demanding studies. The studies are suitable for a wide range of students, both those with prior knowledge of the Talmudic literature that are interested in studying this literature from a new and refreshing perspective and to adapt to themselves the scholarly method practiced at the department, as well as those with no prior knowledge, who wish to gain an in-depth and fascinating acquaintance with the Talmudic literature from the viewpoint of modern scholarship.

All students receive individual guidance as to course selection and registration, according to each student’s knowledge, qualifications and interests.

Support for Students

The studies at the department are conducted in an extremely professional atmosphere, yet one that is also supportive and good-natured. The Head of the department, the departmental advisor, the teachers and the secretary will all be delighted to assist in all matters relating to your studies, inquiries vis-à-vie the various university authorities, and, as much as possible, in obtaining scholarships. As mentioned above, all students receive individual guidance in selecting their courses. In addition, new students who require additional assistance may be teamed up with a more advanced student for the duration of their first year.