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Head of department: Prof. Yair Furstenberg

B.A advisor: Dr. Yakir Paz

M.A advisor: Dr. Yoav Rosental

Department Secretary: Ms. Anat Haim Jani
Phone: +972-2-5883605
Humanities Building, Room 4603

Head of department: Prof. Shlomo Neah

Department Secretary:
Ms. Anat Haim Jani
Humanities Building, Room 4603
Phone: +972-2-5883605


The department of Talmud aims at providing its students with profound knowledge and comprehension of the Talmudic sources (Mishnah, Tosefta, Babylonian and Palestinian Talmuds, Midrash Halakha and Midrash Aggadah) and in the literature of the Geonim and the Rishonim.

The sources are studied critically, with a focus on a variety of aspects: exposing the original contents of the Talmudic sources; the history of their creation, redaction and transmission; the history and development of the Halakha; the world of the Sages; the literary culture and theology reflected in Talmudic literature and their relations with those reflected in adjacent literatures, both contemporary and of the Second Temple era; the history of the main threads of the literature of the Geonim and medieval exegetical and halakhic literature.

The studies at the department are intended for all those interested in acquiring an in-depth knowledge of the Talmudic literature, as well as academic research skills in its study. The coursework is personally tailored to fit each student’s knowledge, qualifications and interests.